Three French Hens in ‘Pick Your Poison’

I’m delighted to announce that my short horror story, Three French Hens, has been chosen to feature in an upcoming anthology from Owl Horror Press. ‘Pick Your Poison’ is scheduled for release in October 2017.

Tales To Terrify Podcast

With the advance of the internet and social media, fans of literature have found more ways to devour new stories than ever before, and one of my personal favourites sources for finding new authors to follow is the podcast. I’ve long been a fan of the Tales To Terrify podcast, and I’m delighted to announce that my story, Still Waters, is featured in the latest episode.

If you like your horror with a speculative steampunk twist, perhaps Still Waters is the story for you. Set beneath the surface of the enigmatic Lake Conmere, where children have been disappearing without trace, it follows the unfolding mystery of precisely what it is that lurks unseen, shielded by the still waters of the lake until someone ventures in…

Narrated by Matt Dovey, Still Waters was broadcast alongside Martin Adil-Smith’s superb story, The Last Testament of Thomas Griffin on June 30th, and you can find it to download or stream for free here.

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