RELEASE – Rosa and the Shadowmaster

Three years after storming fully formed into my imagination, Captain Rosa Romano’s story is finally out in the world! My steampunk novella, Rosa and the Shadowmaster, is out today on Amazon. This story feels so personal. When I was a child, I yearned to read stories where women took charge, not only of the story, but their own destiny. Rosa Romano is the character I always wanted to find, and her fight to shape how the world sees her is one of the central themes in this novella.

However, any story with an airship descending upon Paris in 1901 wouldn’t be complete without a dash of sensuality, a splash of intrigue, a sprinkle of the Moulin Rouge – and in Rosa and the Shadowmaster, creatures of the night with a whole lot of bite…

Captain Rosa Romano craves the taste of danger. Rebellious to the core, when she hears rumours of the shadows that lurk within the arcane and dazzling Demorte’s Travelling Circus, she flies the Dante’s Dalliance into the heart of turn-of-the-century Paris to investigate. Death meets her and her crew at every turn, and the captain is determined to take her revenge on those who threaten the people she loves.

However, when a mysterious prophecy leads the enigmatic ringmaster, Ignatius Demorte, to set his sights on her, Rosa will have to fight not only against monsters who rock the very foundations of her world, but against something far harder to defy – the temptation to let seductive darkness devour her in every possible way.

Find it now on;

Amazon US

Amazon UK

and free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

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