Published works

LAIR – published by Memento Mori Publications

Everyone knows that if you willingly walk into the monster’s lair, you won’t come out alive – or untouched. When Dixie goes in search of her missing boyfriend, her journey leads her straight into the dark and mysterious castle of the enigmatic Maxim Vancura, and he has no intention of letting her leave again…

Cara Fox’s first vampire novella for Memento Mori Publications is an outstanding debut. Dark, ethereal and wickedly sexy, the simmering undercurrent of danger running throughout is everything a vampire romance should be.

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ROSA AND THE SHADOWMASTER – published by Memento Mori Publications

Captain Rosa Romano craves the taste of danger. Rebellious to the core, when she hears rumours of the shadows that lurk within the arcane and dazzling Demorte’s Travelling Circus, she flies the Dante’s Dalliance into the heart of turn-of-the-century Paris to investigate. Death meets her and her crew at every turn, and the captain is determined to take her revenge on those who threaten the people she loves.

However, when a mysterious prophecy leads the enigmatic ringmaster, Ignatius Demorte, to set his sights on her, Rosa will have to fight not only against monsters who rock the very foundations of her world, but against something far harder to defy – the temptation to let seductive darkness devour her in every possible way.

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Still Waters (Tales To Terrify podcast)

‘Life In Sepia’ – When Glints Collide anthology by Fluky Fiction (released October 10, 2017) Amazon US/UK

Three French Hens’ – Pick Your Poison anthology by Owl Hollow Press (released October 17, 2017) Amazon US/UK

‘Family Ties’ – Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Vol 1 anthology by Left Hand Publishers (released November 13, 2017) Amazon US

‘The Price of Blood’ – all the sins Issue Six (released January 18, 2018)

‘Elemental’ – The Muse and the Flame anthology by Fluky Fiction (released February 13, 2018) Amazon US/UK

‘Six String Bullets’ – Crescendo of Darkness anthology by Horror Addicts (released May 2018) Amazon US/UK

‘Under The Skin’ – Dark Voices anthology by Lycan Valley Press (released August 2018) Amazon US/UK

‘Tabula Rasa’ – Empyreome, October 2018 (released October 6, 2018)

‘Broken Wings’ – Witches vs. Wizards anthology by Zombie Pirate Publishing (released November 18, 2018) Amazon

‘The Death of Nostalgia’ – The Society of Misfit Stories, February 2019 (released January 21, 2019) Smashwords

‘The Silver Swan’ – Sherlock Holmes in the Realm of Steampunk by Belanger Books (released April 13 2019) Amazon

‘The Corsair’s Daughter’ – Broadswords and Blasters, Issue 9 (released April 15, 2019) Amazon

‘Anamnesis’ – Moonlit Dreams, Moonlight Nightmares by Antimony and Elder Lace Press (released July 2019) Amazon

‘The Eyes Have It’ – Behind Eyes Of Glass anthology by Fantasia Divinity (TBR)

‘Dominion’ – The Devil You Know anthology by Critical Blast Publishing (TBR 2020)


‘Blood Red Roses’ in ‘Til Death anthology by Azoth Khem Publishing

‘Silk’ in Pixel Heart, Issue One

‘The Willow Tree’ at Page & Spine

‘Flawless’ in Reclaim: an Anthology of Women’s Fiction